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The Christmas rush has waned, with gifts gleefully unwrapped, cookies and eggnog consumed, waistbands adjusted and matching pjs employed. Bender rather enjoys his new bones and was quite the hilarious ham with the new snow booties on (thank you Axle for the humor and being concerned about your brother’s frozen tootsies).

For me, creative items for sewing and painting were unwrapped, along with a pair of cashmeres in a battle of light and dark with an epic choice (which do “side” do you think was picked first – the dark side or the light side?), a duvet cover in smooth Egyptian cotton (this has been on the list for the past few years… finally!) and new seed and feeders for the birds. Kris received fancy date nights and neckties, portable tool boxes and a pair of matching his and hers undies that infused a royal blush and awkwardness into my sister when the hers bikini style was held aloft first. Merry Christmas sis! Hahahaha!

We hope you had a jolly affair, surrounded by not only presents but love and appreciation of your family and those you call family.

Puppers, if you didn’t get what you wanted, how about tell your mum & dad about a super awesome pair of toys made by Bulltug (they happen to be one of our favorite things, yes they’re featured in THE Holiday Gift Guide)

Bender loves his Chew-N-Tug 7 Pack and has successfully destroyed the ball, one of the rope toys and half of another. His favorite is Racool the racoon, though he’s not allowed to “eat” or chew on him for long. 

Brand new to the Bulltug collection as of this past fall is Trash-N-Seek, a plush trashbag with rope toy handles and a trio of very plump we ate too much roly poly raccoons! 

This toy is tons of fun, as it encourages not only chewing and tugging, but searching for the fat raccoons hidden inside, two with squeakers and one with a spiky ball inside. Plus there is a massive squeaker on the bottom of the trash bag. 

Don’t believe me on the fun?

Pop over to Bulltug’s website to snag your own Trash-N-Seek.

You can also follow them on Facebook & Instagram.

Merry Friday after Christmas and may the new year that’s coming be full of fun, play and epic awesomeness. 

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