Here’s to you Axle!

10 years old. 10 years of having you as part of my life. (Technically it’s 10 years the day after Christmas, but who’s counting?)

From a derpy 7 month old, to a derpy 10 year old covered in grey hairs from face to feet to butt. The most annoying play with me all the time dog (when he was younger), the endless retriever, lover of water and swimming (I swear he was part fish) and champion dock jumping. He was the puppy who loved tug of war and continued to be a tugger into his old age. If it wasn’t with ropes, it was with dog toys who would end up decapitated or amputated. Throw the decapitated head! He didn’t care, just wanted to play all the time. 

He had an underbite and could brighten everyone’s day with his boxer eyes and lip caught in an Elvis snarl. Jowls for days and he could shoestring drool like a champion. 

He was the inspiration and muse for About A Dog Photography. 

2012, when Axle was first brought home / 7 months
2021, Axle at 10, all those character greys

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