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Green. What is this magical color and does it really exist?

Here in Minnesota, green hasn’t existed for months and now is buried under feet of snow (we anticipate snow cover until May). White is the farthest from green as you can imagine, a blank canvas populated by the blueish shadows of the paths cut into the surface by the squirrels and lopsided eared rabbit.

Without green, the 52 Weeks theme is a wee tricky. Though… we are early into the month of March, the week before St. Patty’s Day. Which means green is abundant, in scarves, shirts, socks, oversized glasses and gaudy headpieces.

Bender wasn’t overly thrilled to be naked in the snow on a mid 20ish temp day…

(He’s eating a crunchy treat in the last two images. Kind of looks like he’s got something to say about all of the snow. Or stepping on his glasses.)

With the snow a bit too chilly for Bender’s bum, we headed up the deck to go in the house. Nevermind, we’re not going in just yet…

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