• Can I or my family be in the pictures too?
Definitely – people are free in their dog’s session! What better way to capture and show off your bond?

• My dog won’t sit still!
 No worries! Those playful squirmy moments are great ways to capture the quirky personality of your dog. We’ll embrace the exuberance – don’t worry, we will get stunning static shots as well, we only need mere seconds!

• What if my dog can’t be off-leash?
 That’s perfectly ok! A leash will keep your dog safe, out of trouble and help us wrangle them. I’ve got awesome “magic” skills to remove leashes, arms, legs etc to make it look like your dog is a off leash pro! (Check out these “off-leash” stars!)

• Do you have a studio?
Currently I do not have an indoor studio. This means we can go anywhere we want to explore & play, all where your dog will be the most comfortable.

**Occasionally I do offer indoor Short & Sweet Sessions in the Twin Cities during colder weather times.

Speaking of travel, how far do you go?
We are based out of St. Cloud MN and our service area includes St. Cloud, St. Paul and Minneapolis and surrounding areas within a 60 mile radius of St. Cloud. If you are located farther away we can meet halfway or I will come to you (there is a mileage fee for very far distances).

• What if it’s raining the day of our session?
  If its raining, or the weather is particularly bad (as in a blizzard or below zero temps) we will reschedule for a different day. If we need to reschedule due to weather we will make the call no later than 2 hours prior to our session. 

• What if I need to reschedule our session date? Is there a rescheduling fee?
We can easily reschedule for a different date, just keep in mind that if you were looking for certain times of the year (fall colors or pre-holidays especially) that there may be very limited availability for sessions. 
There is no additional fee for rescheduling a session – please allow at least 1 day of notice to reschedule. 


• Do I need to pay for the session in full up front?
  Yes. The full amount of the session is due prior to the day we meet and have the session. I will send you an invoice or call you for payment details. 

• Do I need to pay the full amount for my prints & products right away? Is there payment plans?
  You are more than welcome to pay for the full amount of the prints and products you order right away, at the minimum half the amount of the order needs to be paid before any finishing edits will occur on your images. Orders must be paid in full before delivery. There are payment plans that make every print investment affordable. 

• What if I decide I want to order more prints, will I be able to? Is there a time limit on ordering additional prints?
Heck ya you can order more prints! Just contact me and we will start the ordering process. No time limit on reordering images, though after a year they are archived. Once they have been archived, there is a $25 fee to access and put them into a viewing gallery. 

• Do you offer digital images?
I do! They are available al la carte.

• Do you photograph cats?
I sure do! The name might be About A Dog Photography, but I will photograph cats, horses, pigs, lizards and birds!


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