FAQ – Are digital images included with the session?

The commonly (or frequently asked) question that follows most session inquiries – are digital images included with the session?

The short answer is no. 

Like prints and products, digital images are available separately from the session fee with a Classic Session or a Short & Sweet Session. You can mix and match them with EPIC pieces of wall art. Or opt to just snag the digital images themselves. 

If you do snag digital images, AWESOME! Digital images are GIANT files, “hand delivered” via Dropbox and include a print and use release that allows you to use your dog’s images as you see fit – post to social media, send to grandma, print as holiday cards – you just can’t claim you made the images or sell them! 

In short & long, no digital images are not included with the Classic or Short & Sweet Sessions!


There are THREE NEW sessions this year that are “all inclusive” and YES they do include digital images!

Digital Dog

Includes 5 digital images! + 15% off all prints & products!

BIG Digital Dog

Includes 10 digital images + 20% off all prints & products!

Entire Digital Dog

Includes 25 digital images + $250 print credit + 30% off all prints & products! OOH LA LA!

Similar to a Classic Session, each of the Digital Dog Sessions are up to 1.5 hours of photography time in the location (or locations) of your choice. Plus you get to pick the prints & products that are perfect & totally AWESOME for bringing your dog’s images to life in an a la carte style. 

The main difference? Digital images ARE included in these sessions!

Which session would you pick? Let’s get it on the books and make epic immortal images of your dog! Email – or pop over to the online booking & pick the perfect day!

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