Enter in the New Year!

Enter the New Year! 2021! We arrived at midnight, a huzzah and retirement to bed, after dusting the last of 2020 from our sleeves. Onward we forge!

Seems its time for resolutions, plans for the betterment of the future, often forfeited within the 3, 6 and 9 month range, all because our habits are quite solid (partnered with your beliefs, they are quite the beast when it comes to changing them).

If you’d like some reading material into habit changing & beliefs:
– James Clear, author of Atomic Habits:  “How to Change Your Beliefs and Stick to Your Goals for Good” & “How to Break A Bad Habit and Replace it with a Good One” – tons of blog posts & Atomic Habits is a good read as well
– Unf*ck Yourself & Stop Doing That Shit by Gary John Bishop (both solid reads, I will be revisiting them this year)
– The Psychology of Winning by Denis Waitley (the book is a little aged, but solid information)
–  I Am Going Rogue’s blog post “Unfuck Yourself” (focuses on limiting beliefs – seems rather new)

Understanding the rerouting of habits and beliefs, let’s now forge into our resolutions!



  • Weight maintenance
  • Less chaotic organization
  • Cook from the cookbook collection (or bake from them!)
  • Be more active throughout the day
  • Complete projects, courses, things started
  • Draw weekly & read frequently
  • Forge stronger friendships

What resolutions do you have for the coming year?


We’re at the beginning, the year still 1896. Our Fridays have aligned as the first day of the 2021 year is a Friday, as was the New Year’s day of 1896! 

The preface introduces us to the cook book as “This is a Cook Book by the people and for the people.” It also notes that there are three holiday menus – New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas (the latter two introduced to us last year.) Overall all the menus were prepared for a family of five whose style of living does not exceed an annual expenditure in provisions of a hundred dollars for each person! (As in all menus could be purchased & prepared for $500 for the year!)

The New Year’s Day menu starts us off, the beginning of the year and the book. Submitted by Miss Maud Schultze of Peoria Ill.

Milk porridge
Hominy and meat croquettes
Apple johnnycake
Apricot and fig sauce

Clear soup
Bread sticks
Stuffed whitefish – creamed oyster sauce
Roast venison
Currant jelly sauce
Ringed potatoes
Onion ormoloo
Walnut and watercress salad
French dressing
Cheese “fingers”
Timbales with preserved strawberries
Hot clear sauce
Ice pudding
Glaće chestnuts
Raisins or dates (creamed)

Sliced venison with mustard
Bread and butter
Sponge cake

Break in the New Year with some cheese “fingers” and ormoloo… and we’ve got a grand start to the year! Recipes included in the Cook Book are for: Milk porridge, apple johnnycakes, apricot and fig sauce, clear soup, stuffed whitefish & creamed oyster sauce, venison (as the main dish for a holiday dinner an eight pound haunch roast will be very fine;  six pounds, however, will be sufficient; the saddle is the next choice), currant jelly sauce, piquante sauce, walnut and watercress salad, cheese fingers, timbales with preserved strawberries, ice pudding, glaće chestnuts, pralines and cream dates. 

The ormoloo seems to be an onion pie of German descent (recipe for onion pie shows up on page 144), Google searches have it as a mashed onion dish similar to mashed potatoes. Ice pudding is frozen, in a way similar to ice cream. 

Below is a trio of recipes that could be an adventure to try:

Mix a pint cornmeal with a scant half-cupful sugar, a pinch of salt and a teaspoonful cream tarter. Dissolve a half-teaspoonful soda in a little milk and stir into the meal, adding milk to make a batter as for pancakes – a cup and a half will be about the quantity. Add three very thinly sliced sour apples and bake in a moderate oven thirty-five minutes. 

Moderate oven = 350-375
Totally dog friendly! Share in moderation!

When pies are made take a piece of pastry dough, roll out very thin and cut into strips as long and wide as a finger; spread on each strip grated cheese sprinkled with salt and pepper. Lay on another strip, pinch together, brush with yolk of egg, bake in a slow oven. If no pie crust is at hand a half-cupful flour, a tablespoonful butter and a little ice water will make a great plenty. 

Slow oven = 300-325
Time = try 10 minutes to start

Dog friendly! Share in moderation!

For ten timbales beat the yolks of six eggs to a cream and add gradually five tablespoonfuls of sugar. Mix five tablespoons flour with six of milk, beating out the lumps; grate in the yellow part of the lemon rind and add the juice of the lemon and the sweetened yolks. Beat the six whites very stiff and add them to the mixture. Butter ten cups and nearly fill them with the batter. Sprinkle lightly with sugar; set them in a pan of hot water; let it nearly reach the tops of the cups; cover with sheet of thick paper; bake for half an hour in a hot oven; turn each out on a plate, add a spoonful of preserves and pour over them a hot sauce made of one one tablespoonful of flour, mixed dry, in a cup of sugar; add one-half cup of butter, a pint of boiling water. Boil ten minutes; add the grated rind of a lemon. Serve. 

Hot oven = 400-450
You could share these with your dog too!

Happy adventuring into these vintage recipes! 

Into the coming year we’ll continue to explore vintage recipes, chat about things from resolutions, and photography, to sessions and everything between.

If there’s any topic you’d like to explore and brain pick with me, let me know!

Want to get in touch, share your adventures in the vintage recipes, chit chat or snag a session, you can find us at: , Facebook or Instagram. Otherwise enjoy the snow with your dog (or snuggle in for the winter if your pup is a freeze baby!)

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