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The scene: a massive lodge, designed and curated for dogs with a massive fireplace, ornate chandelier and oodles of collars, toys and foods for dogs. (The location is Stone Mountain Pet Lodge an upscale dog boarding and doggie daycare.) In the massive indoor play area, there are a collection of vendors (Dog Gone Sassy & Val’s Brew Treats, Pet Wants, an antler vendor, CBD oils and a pocket of others) along the walls as well as the booths for Doberman Rescue MN (bake sale & swag, dig in!). About A Dog was tucked in near the window, next to the tail end of the DRMN swag table, a weathered wood backdrop hung and proceeds from the portraits going to the rescue.

The event: Dobe-O-Rama, an annual fundraiser and meet and greet for adoptable dobermans

When the time arrived, the doors were opened, the trickling of people building into a swell that flooded to the baked goods, swag and the tasties from Gouda Q (the brisket sandwich was so much yum!). Once they had their fill, they strolled, with dog or dogless, around the vendors, dropped raffle tickets in for winnings and gave the agility course a run through.

Most of the dogs in attendance were dobermans or mixes making it really easy to spot the non doberman dogs – a big 6 year old Leonberger, a Dalmatian puppy, a shepherd mix, a border collie and a few others meandered around with their owners.

Presenting the adoptables: Cooper, Rio, Andy, Hercules, Zak, Maximus, Reina, Rocco and Sassy!

And since the theme is leash removal, here are some before & afters!

A HUGE thank you to these guys for helping out DRMN by getting their portraits done! Thor & Rhea, Sadie, Patina, Lucy, Finn, Lola, Phoebe and Blue!

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52 Week Project | Ugly Sweaters

The theme for this week was ugly sweaters. As it so happens, No Dog Left Behind was having an ugly sweater party at Excelsior Brewing in Excelsior MN – and they had asked me to be part of the event!

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A few of my favorites.
Macy rocking her adorable sweater with black and white dogs!

Nico & Nala, sporting their holiday themed ugly sweaters. Plus how adorable are they as a matching pair – and no they aren’t related! They both came from different rescues in different places!

Henry & Oscar, adorable in their tinsel bedazzled ugly sweaters!

This adorable little dude (newly turned a year by a few weeks) was quite the ham! His name is Benjamin and he is a pint sized little pocket of adorable. Though he knew my ways of treat luring, so instead of going where I was trying to direct him, he stood on my leg and looked at the treat in my outstretched hand! Haha!

(See what I mean? Haha! A big thanks to my boyfriend for snagging this picture of me in action!)

Nala! The English mastiff with an impressive Elvis lip curl and a bead of drool that swung back and forth… it was mesmerizing and impressive!

And if you were curious about my ugly sweater… ta-dah! Its got… COWS on it!

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Remember if you want to see more of the event pictures… Click to see ALL the pictures!