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St. Cloud MN dog photographer About A Dog Photography |  Weekly 52 is a blog circle with a theme for every week (find the next in the circle at the end of the post).

defined as: the feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface or a substance

Each dog holds textures, from the direction of hairs, the length and thickness, to the fingerprint of nose and pads on paws. Eyes, whiskers, chewed on nails, the ways skin folds all lend to the textures that create our dogs. 

The method of capture: vintage 55mm f3.5 macro & 85mm f2.8 tilt shift

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Into the next decade!

The 10 year marker, one decade worth of time. Yes technically any span of 10 years counts, though in the calendar it falls on the even year ending in 0. (This will be the 6th decade to start in a leap year since 1900.)

2010, ten years ago:

  • About A Dog Photography was no more than an idea (it came to fruition two years later)
  • Mick & Icey were my pack. Axle arrived Christmas day 2011, Bender two Januarys afterwards
  • Employment was RCC/Boot Barn & JCPenny Portrait Studio, both in the mall
  • Photography was growing in skill, the Nikon D300s employed in the tool of capturing the world

The dogs and I moved, from St. Cloud to Paynesville (with a trio, minus Bender) to St. Cloud and back to Paynesville (also with a trio, minus Mick), with a move back to St. Cloud in the fall of 2018, sans Icey. It is the first shared space of Kris & I. 

Cameras transitioned, from the workhorse D300s that was well over the recommended shutter count into the D750 and full frame world. Zooms transitioned into primes, with a sweet spot found at 85mm. From the D750 we jumped into Bruin, the bear, the D5 that sports a wicked 12 frames a second in shooting. 

Lenses continued to shift into a prime portrait kit with the new loved go to the 135mm. (For lens nerds & those curious the kit is: 20mm f1.4, 35mm f1.4, 50mm f1.4, 85mm f1.4, 105mm f1.4 & 135mm f1.8)

Flash was vaguely introduced, and a quad set of strobes were invested in. (Stay tuned to see them more involved with sessions). Massive knowledge gained, just saying flash duration is totally a thing to know!

Out of state travel centered on Colorado a series of times, waned for a few years, then shifted into an unplanned adventure to Maryland, with a more recent jaunt to the Smoky Mountains. 

Mick, my first dog. He was a snuggler, had epic ears and was known to prance when he got the ball (but not bring it back).
Icey, my second dog. Velcro, with an awesome head tilt, and a bark on command. She splashed like a fish when she swam, hogged the couch and farted with the best of them.
Bender, the lughead. He’s an avid chewer, particular about the dogs he likes and snores like an old man. He’s got amazing ears but is the trickiest dog to get them to show.
Axle, aka Puppy. He rocks an underbite, loves to retrieve and swim, and is vocal when he plays. His age shows in his greys (he has grey hairs on his butt too!). He has a bit of RBF when it comes to having his picture taken – he’s been doing this since a puppy and is totally over it.
A young Axle, showing barely any grey. Awww, my sweet Puppy! (He & Bender are going to be 9 years old this year!)

About A Dog Photography turned 7 this past year! 

  •  We have photographed roughly 65 classic sessions since 2012
  • This year we photographed 16 classic sessions plus 18 sessions for the book Dogs of Minneapolis!
  • We’ve helped countless dogs find their forever homes in working with Tri County Humane Society, Grey Face Rescue and Ruff Start Rescue. 

A huge thank you to everyone who have been part of this adventure. We love and appreciate each of you! 

In the personals: Interests

Vintage lenses to turn into freelenses. 13 of them, rear mounts removed for a “poor man’s” tilt shift. This interest has waned greatly, though a pair of actual tilt shift lenses have been added into the collection. 

The adoration of classic 1964.5 to 1970 Ford Mustangs has stayed, with a love spot on 1970. (Currently I do not own one, yes if I did we’d do sessions with it). 

Collecting Pyrex began with an oomph from Jen (we’ve been friends for nearly a DECADE!). This led to collecting Fry glass, glass kitchen items, a slight deviation into Depression glass (way too easy to find), back to kitchen items to tread into the current days’s questing: cake stands, banana stands and milk glass items.

Sewing kicked up with a Singer heavy duty in time for costume crafting for the Minneapolis ComicCon around holidays of 2014. Atomic Collars was conceived in the frozen early months of 2015, crafting sturdy upcycled unique martingale collars for Bender. 

Sewing waned with bits of Atomic Collars being sewn. 

Cue late 2018 Halloween and the quest for 50s style skirts, a pattern for circle skirts and we were off, finding fabrics and growing the horde to 50ish in the winter span.

Vintage patterns came into the radar, the first in March, a 1960 McCall’s pattern with a gathered skirt and low back. (Yes it was sewed, though I did swap out the gathered skirt for a circle skirt). The collection has grown and continues with 164+ patterns. A handful have been made with plans for at least half of the collection. 

Books & reading has remained, as has the adoration of T. C. Boyle. The color blue will stay the favorite for an infinity. The vintage Schwinn bike with yellow mag wheels has waned, as has riding bike in general. Drawing amped with dragons, cooled over the past year, regained life and is now traipsing into a new medium: gouache!

What interests of yours have stayed the same?

What new ones are you taking with you into the new year?

From one of the early pictures from the website’s library – 2014 – the wee Althea and little Piney! Althea is an awesome young lady, sprouted like a weed and Piney is still just as adorable.
To the very last session of 2019 – Scout & Parka! Cheers to the new year!

Happy new year!

Here’s to the new year and the start of a new decade! May the adventure be bold, fun, playful, full of learning and growth and all the epicness you can handle. 

Thank you for the past decade (ok past 7 years) and we look forward to the next decade to come. 

Our Favorite Things – Bulltug toys

The Christmas rush has waned, with gifts gleefully unwrapped, cookies and eggnog consumed, waistbands adjusted and matching pjs employed. Bender rather enjoys his new bones and was quite the hilarious ham with the new snow booties on (thank you Axle for the humor and being concerned about your brother’s frozen tootsies).

For me, creative items for sewing and painting were unwrapped, along with a pair of cashmeres in a battle of light and dark with an epic choice (which do “side” do you think was picked first – the dark side or the light side?), a duvet cover in smooth Egyptian cotton (this has been on the list for the past few years… finally!) and new seed and feeders for the birds. Kris received fancy date nights and neckties, portable tool boxes and a pair of matching his and hers undies that infused a royal blush and awkwardness into my sister when the hers bikini style was held aloft first. Merry Christmas sis! Hahahaha!

We hope you had a jolly affair, surrounded by not only presents but love and appreciation of your family and those you call family.

Puppers, if you didn’t get what you wanted, how about tell your mum & dad about a super awesome pair of toys made by Bulltug (they happen to be one of our favorite things, yes they’re featured in THE Holiday Gift Guide)

Bender loves his Chew-N-Tug 7 Pack and has successfully destroyed the ball, one of the rope toys and half of another. His favorite is Racool the racoon, though he’s not allowed to “eat” or chew on him for long. 

Brand new to the Bulltug collection as of this past fall is Trash-N-Seek, a plush trashbag with rope toy handles and a trio of very plump we ate too much roly poly raccoons! 

This toy is tons of fun, as it encourages not only chewing and tugging, but searching for the fat raccoons hidden inside, two with squeakers and one with a spiky ball inside. Plus there is a massive squeaker on the bottom of the trash bag. 

Don’t believe me on the fun?

Pop over to Bulltug’s website to snag your own Trash-N-Seek.

You can also follow them on Facebook & Instagram.

Merry Friday after Christmas and may the new year that’s coming be full of fun, play and epic awesomeness. 

Our Favorite Things – Nomadic Tails Interview

On the 12th day of Christmas, my hooman gave to me….
12 doggie treats…

Or would it be the start of the countdown as we are a mere 12 days out from the day that is Christmas? 

In that case…
on the 1st day of Christmas, my hooman gave to me…
A squirrel in an oak tree!


We have a mere 12 days left before Christmas, and oddly it starts today on Friday the 13th… cue the Jack & the Nightmare Before Christmas! 

There’s still a bit of time to snag some awesome gifts for the pups and people you love & adore. Need some ideas? Be inspired with THE Holiday Gift Guide. It featuring a plethora of our favorite things!

Speaking of favorite things, how about another interview? Today’s interviewee is Nomadic Tails!

Kensie of Nomadic Tails is a sweet, awesome mom (to 2 kids and a dog) and crafts some of the COOLEST bandanas in the land!

Hello Kensie!

How did you get started?

I am a military wife and mom of 2. I initially started NT as a way to help provide for my family while being able to work from home with my 2 kids. Being  a military wife, I had to give up my career job as an art teacher because it was very hard to keep finding jobs over and over in new places as we moved almost every year. I opened my shop as a way to still feel like I was contributing to my family financially as well as using my art degree in some way to create things while also using my love and passion for dogs in my work. I also love being able to serve, and my shop gives me a way to provide fundraisers and products for charities and events I am passionate about. One of our favorite things to do is when we have our Rescue Fundraisers where we donate a special “Adopt Me” bandana to local pet rescues in efforts for them to find their forever home. 

Where did you get the idea for Nomadic Tails?

I got the idea for NT after I started making some fun matching bandanas for my kids and dogs to wear just as a hobby. I would post photos of them on my personal social media and would have a lot of feedback from friends and family telling me I should make more and sell them. I started making more for fun for friends and family, and slowly by word of mouth it grew into a shop that I was able to turn into a full time job from home. Our name was inspired by our nomadic lifestyle being in the Army in that we are often moving from place to place and never truly having a home sweet home, yet our shop is able to move with us! 

What’s unique about Nomadic Tails? What sets you apart from others in your industry?

I have always prided myself in the quality of products that go out. With my art background from college, I am very particular about detailing and craftsmanship. I make sure every product that goes out no matter how many I have to make get equal treatment in their quality and durability. I also do not make pre-made “one size fits all” types of bandana. Every single bandana will be different and individually made to fit your individual dog. We offer customization in which the customer can choose the specific bandana size and custom neck size of their own dog so they will always get the best fit for their pet. We also offer 3 snaps on our bandanas which means that you can adjust the bandana size between 3 snaps smaller and larger while still maintaining a secure fit with the snaps. It is wonderful for growing dogs, dogs with lots of floof, and sharing between more than one pet in the household if need be. We also offer a huge variety of monogram vinyl add ons that can be customized by colors, vinyl style, text etc.

What is something that surprised you about owning a business? 

I think the biggest surprise was how much time you devote to every little part of the business. I am working 12-15 hr work days because there is so much more to working a small business than just making the products. You have to dedicate time to advertising, social media, customer service, designing, etc. You end up working far more than you would usually if you had a set schedule to work from. It is a lot of long hours and working weekends.

Did you have any early challenges? If so how did you overcome them? If not, what is something you’ve accomplished with Nomadic Tails that makes you mega proud?

The biggest challenge I found was creating a name for myself and standing out with a product where there are so many other shops that pop up left and right with similar items. I overcame this by making sure to stand out with the high quality of our products, craftsmanship, durability, and prints that wouldn’t be found anywhere else but our shop. I work tirelessly to make every customer happy, satisfied with their products, and working within the Dog IG community to grow! I want to always make sure each customer feels important and that they matter to me because ultimately this dream of mine is in their hands, so I want to make sure everyone knows how much I value their support.

What is some advice you’d give someone just starting out? 

Starting is always the hardest point. It can be extremely overwhelming and disappointing at first because you may feel like you will never get your foot in the door. If I would mess up, I would ask for feedback on how I could be better. I do research and do it over and over again. I always strive to better myself and my craft through that cycle. Be confident in your products and your reasonings for starting your business. Show the world why you are passionate about your products and always make people feel like they are your number one priority no matter the situation. Stay active on your social media. I had the best success growing as a business because I made sure to communicate with my audience, posted often with my products and ideas, and made sure to stay consistent so your audience can see that you are fully commited to your work. Another great piece of advice is don’t be scared to reach out to other small shop owners in your same line of work. Most of us are in it together and all going through the same struggles and it is so helpful to have that support from one another to discuss ideas, ask for help, seek advice, etc.

What is you most popular product? 

As of lately we have had a lot of customers loving bandanas from our Watershield Line. We love these especially because they are so great for active outdoorsy dogs as well as work just as wonderfully for dogs who are hanging around the house or going out on the town! These bandanas are very durable and are water, stain, dirt, hair, and wrinkle resistant. We also try to make a lot of our watershield bandanas with our shop exclusive prints, so not only are the durable, but also have really fun designs that are unique only to our shop. I have many customers say once they try one from the collection, they are hooked! 

Do you have any pets?

I do! We have a 10 year old Irish Setter, Annikan who was my first dog. We also have my heart dog and golden boy, Bill Bill who is a 7 year old Golden Retriever who is also the face of our brand! I chose him to be the face of our brand because he always has a smile on his face and enriches our lives and all those around him, so I wanted to reflect that in my own shop in that I want to make sure that everything I do and make enriches someone’s life in some positive way!

Tell us about the humans behind Nomadic Tails:

My name is Kensie Arnold. I graduated from UGA in 2014 with a BA in Art Education. While there, I fell in love with puppy raising and training for the Guide Dog Foundation and America’s Vet Dogs which started my passion for dogs and serving. I am the sole owner and worker for the shop! I live with my incredibly supportive husband, who is a Medical Evacuation Blackhawk Pilot in the Army. We have two amazing children, Sawyer, my son, who is 4 years old and Emma, my daughter, who is 2 years old. We are about to make our next move from NC to AL which will be our 4th move. After AL, we are just waiting to hear back from our next duty station which will be in the late summer of 2020. 

Where can we find Nomadic Tails?

You can find our shop Online at through Etsy which is our main platform. You can also find us on Instagram and FB where we post all our updates, product photos, releases, customer photos, etc at @nomadic.tails You can also reach out to us via e-mail:

Our next big goal is to open up our own little downtown shop for pet owners to come with their pets and shop when we get to a location where we will be staying more permanently.

Thank you a ton Kensie! Be sure to give her some love on Instagram & Facebook and def snag one of those awesome bandanas (we have a frayed one called Ripley!)

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Our Favorite Things – Dog Love Repeat Interview

The food comas have waned, the thanks for the food and families celebrated amidst football, naps and pre Black Friday shopping. May the deals be in your favor!

This puts us solidly into December, a mere 21 days out from the major gifting holiday (for the Christmas celebrators). What better way to celebrate then with another one of our favorite things? (Also another awesome company found in THE Holiday Guide)

Today’s feature is Dog Love Repeat, offering upscale boutique items for stylish pups and their people. Kristin is amazing, sweet, with a stylish eye and a soft spot for pups (we all may have that soft spot!). 

Hello Kristin!

How did you get started?

I’ve always dreamed of owning my own shop – especially a brick & mortar – which appealed because I love interior design.  Over the past many years I had mulled ideas over, especially when I was a young mother. I thought how cool to have a mom & baby store where moms could by for themselves and their kiddos in a comfortable, loungy space.  That never happened, but the dream was always simmering in the back of my brain.


Where did you get the idea for Dog Love Repeat?

I was “coerced” into adopting a dog when my kids were young.  I was the hold-out. I had a childhood dog who was less than ideal, I didn’t want dog hair in the house, I knew the responsibility would eventually fall to us parents, etc.  When Trixie came into my life, everything changed. I was working from home most of the time so I really got to bond with her. We were inseparable instantly and she converted me to a “dog person!”  Trixie is a chihuahua/min pin mix so she needs clothes in the winter. I was underwhelmed by what was out there in the market. They seemed drab, poorly made, cheesy – no fun. I wanted her clothes to match my aesthetic – the love for fun, colorful and whimsical, but also well made.  I noticed the maker movement was exploding everywhere but in the pet market. I discovered a niche.

What’s unique about Dog Love Repeat? What sets you apart from others in your industry?

Dog Love Repeat is a carefully curated shop featuring over a dozen local, national and international artists who make each item by hand – many exclusively for us. Because of this, we can cross-promote our artists.  We have an artisan section on our website with bios and links to their own websites or Etsy shops. We’re proud to say many are women-owned brands. Our goal is to bring a smile with our products. We also give back to causes near and dear to our hearts – dog rescues, shelters and adoption; mental health awareness and the artist community.

Additionally, we have a wonderful, loyal, local following.  For those customers, when orders come in, I credit the shipping charge and hand deliver whenever I can.  Why not? As a consumer, I’m thrilled whenever I can get away with free shipping. It’s going above and beyond expectations.  We don’t want to just please. We want to delight.

(photo by Leo @leothelionpup)

What is something that surprised you about owning a business? 

There was this notion I had that once we were featured on TV or was in a local magazine or newspaper, that would mean I “made it.”  All problems would be solved from there on out. I would have arrived. Not so! It certainly helps and is the cherry on the whipped cream, but they’re in the recycling bin after a few weeks.  It’s about making sure you’re in front of the right people, your target audience, constantly.

Also, being an online only boutique (with the exception of markets and short-term pop-ups) is very isolating and it’s difficult to be found.  It feels a little hollow sending product off to customers you never see. Often times you may not get any feedback – you just send your precious cargo off into the world and hope the recipient loves them as much as we do. 


Did you have any early challenges? If so how did you overcome them? If not, what is something you’ve accomplished with Dog Love Repeat that makes you mega proud?

Ha!  Not just early challenges – they continue every day – after 2 1/2 years from launching.  I have a 4-day-a-week day job aside from Dog Love Repeat. I knew starting up a business would be all-consuming and when you’re passionate about something, you just don’t care what it takes, you do it.  I didn’t start up the business with a nest egg, I didn’t crowd source, I just took a loan out against my 401K. It was a pretty measly amount, considering, and I learned the hard way about some aspects of starting up.  Probably spent too much money where I shouldn’t have, bit off more than I could chew, etc. But I know this is a common theme you hear from entrepreneurs – we learn so much more from our failures than our successes.

Being completely transparent, cash flow is always an issue.  Some of our product ideas have completely flopped. Some products should have more of a profit margin.  I’m constantly re-evaluating our offerings and trying different directions until it seems we’ve found the right fit, price point, etc. for our customers.

What I’m proudest of, however, are the relationships I have forged with our customers, our artisan partners and fellow, local makers.  Many have become dear friends. They are the ones rooting for DLR, coming to events just to say ‘hi’, spreading the word on social media.  These are people in my life I know I wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for DLR.

What is some advice you’d give someone just starting out? 

Just know it’s going to be super hard.  Like beat you down to your knees hard. Are there instant success stories out there?  Sure. But the majority of start-ups are pouring out their blood, sweat and tears to get by.  You need to focus on YOUR vision and what you want to stand for and stick by it. My day job involves corporate branding and I am fortunate to have that background.  That’s where I started – with the identity of DLR. That includes the logo, brand palette, mission and brand pillars – which for DLR are heartfelt, authentic and whimsical. I look through that lens each time I consider adding a product.  It’s way too easy to get distracted and scattered if you don’t have that lens.

Another bit of advice is to lean on others in your shoes.  Pick the brains of other entrepreneurs. Any chance I get at markets, I’m asking, probing, learning from others.  It’s a wonderful, supportive community. Everyone wants to help everyone else. There is enough room for all of us.  With that being said, it’s also a small world. Being professional, respectful and gracious will get you far – you never want to burn bridges. 

Finally, listen to your body.  Protecting your physical and mental health, and striking the work-life balance that’s best for you is so important.  I learned the hard way and it all came crashing down this past summer. I struggled with depression and anxiety and had to just push the pause button and get myself well.  I was so afraid all of my followers would be gone and everyone would forget about DLR. None of that happened.


What is you most popular product? 

By far it’s our bandanas that feature hand illustrated prints by Washington DC artist, Elizabeth Graeber.  Her work is the epitome of whimsical! There are bananas, clementines, sea waves, ice cream cones, strawberries, watermelon, lemons, squirrels and ornaments.  I don’t know of any other pet brands who offer a product like this. They’re pretty special.

Do you have any pets?

Of course there is the aforementioned Miss Trixie.  We also adopted chihuahua, Ziggy, a year and a half ago.  He’s a puppy mill rescue and that was a new challenge for us.  He has adjusted beautifully and we’ve earned his trust. He used to not look me in the eyes and now he not only does that, but he gives me a kiss on the nose every so often!  I love bringing him to markets and educating young and old about the horrors of puppy mills and why no one should be buying pets at a pet store.


Tell us about the humans behind Dog Love Repeat:

I’m the founder, curator, PR and social media person, accountant – you name it!  I’m the wife of Dan, a realtor, and two kids; Max (20) and Alex (19). I’ve been at Medtronic (a medical device company) for 18 years as a communications specialist.  I also teach group fitness and yoga classes. In the past year I’ve started combining my love of dogs and yoga and am teaching doga – yoga with your dog! Right now I’m teaching sporadically at different events in the Twin Cities, but hope to have regular classes in the future.  I just LOVE doing it. Dog parents come to the class very skeptical, apologizing for their dog’s behavior in advance. Almost 100% of the time, by the time we get to savasana, everyone is chill and laying down. It’s a sight to behold. 

The heart of Dog Love Repeat, though, are the artisans.  They are tremendously talented, hard working, passionate and are dog lovers and dog parents!  Currently they represent the Twin Cities, Florida, Wisconsin, Missouri, Vermont, Washington DC, New York City, and Colombia, South America.

Where can we find Dog Love Repeat?

AND Nov. 6 – December 20 – Wed-Fri, 11-3, you can find us at the Chameleon Shoppes IDS Center pop-up.  The Chameleon Consortium is a private-public group dedicated to the experiential and economic vitality of downtown Minneapolis. Their purpose is to create vibrant downtown experiences by transforming empty retail spaces into equity opportunities for minority- and women-owned businesses. We are thrilled to be a part of it!

Thank you a ton Kristin! Head her way, snag some stylish items for your pup and give her love in a like and follow!


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