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Urban. Meaning: in, relating to, or characteristic of a city or town. To me this means tall buildings of brick, sprawling landscapes with various houses and people arranged in close quarters. Not quite where I call home.

As luck would have it, the Dogs of MSP were planning a meet up at Flat Earth Brewing Company in St. Paul. Dogs of MSP (MSP = Minneapolis/St. Paul) is a group of dog owners who meet up at local dog parks, businesses and breweries as well help each other out with training, treats and food and general dog questions.

And it turns out that it was an EPICALLY perfect location for the theme of urban. The buildings, formerly of Hamm’s Brewery heritage, were tall, imposing brick structures, with boarded up or broken windows, scattered assortment of graffiti, with Flat Earth Brewing Company nestled in behind a pair of large doors in an arched doorway.


In common event fashion, I mingled with the dogs inside who were enjoying the company of others while their owners drank and shared stories. One IPA consumed, and my status as “THE” treat lady continued to grow and soon I was I favorite amongst the dogs. The indoor lighting was dark and dingy, so I meandered out of the bustle to photograph a collection of dogs outside in the even, overcast light.

Ruger (doberman) & Sophie (border collie) – Ruger, the doberman with impeccable manners rocking a Bad Tag “Cuddle Monster” tag. He wasn’t interested in modeling at first, but when the treats came out his inner super star did too! Sophie was a charmer, well trained and has been working on her sit pretty.



Kira – my friend Katie’s pittie! I’ve photographed Kira before, in fact she was one of the dogs in the Tri County Humane Society’s calendar that featured guys from the rugby team. She’s a pro at modeling and master of drool.

Nia – We met and instantly she was giving me kisses! She learned quickly that I had treats and I would dole them out for eye contact and a wiggle of the that little corgi butt!



Winnie (black pug pittie mix)  & Money – Winnie has an adorable almost underbite and some mega impressive ears! Money (who I mistakenly called Cash) was a laid back older gent who enjoyed the treats I was happily doling out.

The bulldog boys. These two stocky gents are both two years old with laid back personalities. And they were mega drool factories!

Sidney – I adore Sidney! We met a couple years ago at the Twin Cities Pet Expo. Her mom follows me on Instagram, and I follow them in return and get to see the antics of Sidney and her pittie brother George. She totally had my number and knew I was the treat lady. Plus she poses like a pro!

Maple – Maple is a mega adorable mini goldendoodle. Her mom has followed me on Instagram and was my introduction to the Dogs of MSP.

Rain (husky pittie mix) – Eeeek! An adorable puppy!


Next up see what urban is to Jodie from Pawtrait Purrfection, serving Pets and People in Ipswich, Australia.


9 thoughts on “52 Week Project | Urban”

  1. Wow! These are awesome! Great variety – looks like a wonderful time! The Doberman is stunning … well, ALL the dogs are! I love Sidney in her little bandana – so cute! Nia’s last image is perfect with the background. The very last image of Rain… priceless expression! Great post – i enjoyed ALL of these!

  2. I love each and every one of these from the sit pretty to the drool bubbles. What a great event and such a perfect location for this week!

  3. What a fantastic location! Love all the images and the variety of dogs. I think I need to check out our local breweries now.

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  5. Oh my gosh! How does one pick a favorite photo from all of these cuties? I love the blue door against the red brick. I found a blue door location this past week in an urban setting as well. Can’t wait to use it. Great photos!

  6. What a fun event and the urban setting was perfect. Nice job with the variety of shots. I need to look up and find a group like this in Charlotte. Dogs and beer…. 2 of my favorite things. 🙂

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