52 Week Project | Sky

This week’s theme for the 52 Week Project was sky. Easy enough…. until the sky gods decided that those adorable poofy clouds were not going to be anywhere in sight. Icey, my rottie, was quite the trooper (she’s also been doing this for YEARS – pretty much since she’s been a 10 month old pup – she’s 10 now!). It may have also helped to have the tasty chicken treats with… She is definitely a food motivated dog! Her pink tag also attests to this (it reads: Feed me and tell me I’m pretty) and its from none other that the fabulous Bad Tags based here in Minnesota!

The first attempt we trekked over to the school, me with treats and my camera with my super wide lens on it. Day two had us on the edge of town by the soccer fields, once again with the super wide lens. With Icey being the pro model she is, she doesn’t have much in the way of looks… hahaha unless of course she’s barking on command!

Next visit Pet Love Photography, serving Greater Cincinnati and the San Francisco Bay Area to see her take on the theme of sky.

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    1. aboutadogphoto

      For wide angle I use the Tamron 10-24mm f3.5-4.5. Its technically a crop sensor lens so it will vignette very badly at 10mm. But once you reach about 14-15mm the vignetting is gone and it works wonderfully with my full frame camera. It also has a crazy close focusing range. I can be inches from my subject, still have most of them in the frame (though distorted!) and it will still focus!

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