The 52 Week Project is a blog circle with a theme for every week (which means we all link to each other, links are found at the end of the post).

This week’s theme was silhouette. A rescheduled session on Saturday meant that I could go questing for a sunset and a crisp silhouette (sunset is approx 5:45 pm here in the frozen North). Bender was happy to go for a car ride and we traipsed to a one of my go to areas just outside of town that was a vast flat field with some concrete rubble (former turkey barns) that could be used for height.

From last July, 2017.

WHOA! It changed! A quaint series of streetlamp stood in a line in the middle of the road, the rubble had been removed and replaced with a GINORMOUS dirt pile that looked like a huge pyramid in the distance.

We departed the warmth of the car and were greeted by a brisk winter breeze that skirted across the open field. There was a smidgen of clouds on the cusp of the horizon and the sun was just above the trees. We paused to pose on a rounded concrete form for a bit of height. Shooting wide open on the 20mm was pretty, but without clouds in the sky I wanted a little extra pizzazz from the sun. Stopping down to f/9 gave me some pretty sunbursts (aka pings).

Bender’s bum grew cold so we shimmied to a pair of pallets in a small stack which were a little closer to the pyramid of dirt.

We moved to the massive pyramid of dirt. It was sharply sloped and inspired a fleeting thought of climbing to the top, but with the briskness of the wind on the ground, it would have been much worse at the top. There was a smaller sub pile of dirt that was slightly higher than hip level that Bender obliged in climbing onto.

The light was low, the grasses were backlit, so we attempted a few ground level images. Not exactly what I had hoped for, but silhouettes none the less.

Not the last image, but my favorite of the evening. The ping, how the light tickled the edges of Bender’s face, the spill of light on the touch of grass leading away from the horizon…

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