52 Week Project | Shadows

This week’s theme was shadows. The evening approached and I snagged the slightly tuckered out Axle for a short walk to the elementary school in search of shadows. Without proper motivation (the biscuit just wasn’t enticing enough) I managed a handful of images before Axle decided that actually going on a walk was more fun. We popped over to the playground to see if we could get some interesting shadows out of vibrant pieces of equipment, then meandered around until the mosquitos threatened to carry us off.

Next up, stop over to I Got the Shot Photography, Elaine Tweedy, Northeast PA Pet Photographer and see how she interpreted shadows.

6 thoughts on “52 Week Project | Shadows”

  1. These are great! Nice use of the brick building – especially love the one of you taking the photo with your shadow on the brick. Looks like Axle was having a great time modeling!

  2. Your 2nd image is what I wanted to create but I couldn’t get the time of the day and my angle right. Nice job!

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