52 Week Project | Reflection

The theme for the 52 Week Project was reflection. Not being super certain what to do, I almost passed on this week’s theme. But Minnesota is the land of lakes, and I’ve got new lenses and a new bag to break in, plus a battery grip I need to train myself to use (come on muscle memory!), so Bender and I headed out to the lake in search of reflections.

Bender isn’t a huge fan of water, but the docks gave him a solid dry spot to stand. We found no calm water on either side of the lake, just different angles of light and squiggly reflections.

Next up visit I Got The Shot Photography, Northeast PA Pet Photographer Elaine Tweedy to see how she captured reflection.


9 thoughts on “52 Week Project | Reflection”

  1. Beautiful lake to photograph the images – now that I see this can work, I need to wait for some sun in my area and go do to the park and try it! the ripples in the water give a different take on the reflections.

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