52 Week Project | Orange

Fall is here and so are the colors! We have a solid plethora of yellows and a couple of pockets of orange, or at least in the St. Cloud area! The Twin Cities is slowly gaining color as discovered by the set of Short & Sweet Sessions that I did at Theodore Wirth Park this past weekend. Only two of the dogs had real orange colors!

** By the way these are super sneaky peeks! You’ll have to wait to see the rest!

The first Short & Sweet Session was with Koda the elkhound. The weather was grand, minus the rain that showed up at the start of the session and ended at the end of the session.

Did Koda have “real” orange in her images?

Second up for the Short & Sweet Sessions was Jazmin & Maggie May. Jazmin is a stunning pittie who is a stellar therapy dog and Maggie May is her spunky sidekick.

Did we find orange leaves for this duo?

Next up was the MEGA adorable bouncy 8 month old springer puppy Gus!

We found a giant tree that sported a whole batch of ORANGE leaves! Plus his mom brought a wardrobe change so he was also wearing an ORANGE collar!

After Gus was the stunning golden Reilly! He was a total slobbery food hound and wanted to be as close to the treats as possible. We did manage to capture his sophisticated side as well.

Real orange or …..?

Last, and certaintly not least was Chewy the golden doodle. The light was waning on the evening when we stopped by the same tree I had visited with Gus. Chewy was happiest within reach of the treats so the tree looks a little different – that’s the difference in a wide angle and telephoto lens!

I had a blast with these Short & Sweet Sessions at Theodore Wirth Park!

Next visit Linda of DogShotzPhotography, serving the Indianapolis, IN to see what orange things she found!


4 thoughts on “52 Week Project | Orange”

  1. Perfect tweaks to achieve that fall orange! If I hadn’t seen the before-and-after images, you would have fooled me!

    Your Short & Sweet sessions sound like such fun as well. I bet they’d be a blast in the show…and just long enough to keep away frosty paws!

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