This week’s theme was fantasy. My brain went DINOSAURS! And a really neat wooded area that has a bit of a primordial feel to it. Alas the weather did not cooperate for the session with Happy & Toby due to a rain delay. Buggers.

A couple days passed, the rainy weather cleared a bit so Bender & I adventured around the lake. We stopped at the carp trap but it wasn’t quite the place to lend towards a fantasy look. We continued around the lake to the regional park. I took a slightly different road and we came across a dirt hill that looked like it could be home to a hobbit. No hobbits or hobbit doors were found.

What was that noise?

Just a passing T. Rex! He gave a growl, but continued on his way. We’re glad he didn’t stop for a longer pause or a mid morning snack! He tromped off and when the sound of him was gone I remembered to breath again! What a sight!

The birds kicked up their chatter, then there were some hearty squawks that were definitely not any birds native to Minnesota. What could they be?

A pair of weanling dragons – one red, one blue! They were small, so I assumed them to be pygmy dragons (standard dragons grow faster and would be about the size of Bender as a flying weanling – this is all based on some very deep mythology I have created for a story…). The red was the better flyer and was happy to give Bender some tips on flying, though I think Bender was thinking that these were the strangest birds he’s ever seen. When Bender and I didn’t seem too interested in the physics of flying, they departed with some shrill squawks into the nearby woods.

Bender and I too departed from the dirt hill and headed to the beach. Oofda that wind coming off the lake was very brisk. It was kicking up waves and some foam. Bender wasn’t thrilled about the waves (he doesn’t like water) and was regarding them with a less than thrilled opinion.

He nearly missed the small herd of brachiosauruses wading through the lake in his brooding. We watched them for a bit, then decided to head towards the warmth of home to not risk losing fingers or toes.

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The images:

T-rex: might be from here (but the page doesn’t load for me? – found on a google search)
Dragons: lorddarkwolf
Brachiosaurus : Wonderland Toys