52 Week Project | Bold Color

This week’s theme was bold color. Just in time for all of the leaves to drop and MN to enter into the middle ground of brown. Plus we had bits of snow (it hasn’t stuck around) which didn’t lend much towards bold color.

I did some scheming. The most colorful things that came to mind were murals and playgrounds. My town isn’t known to have much in the way for murals so Axle and I went questing for playgrounds.

The first spot was Veterans Park. All of the docks were pulled, the water only occupied by a flock black ducks (which actually were American Coots and not ducks at all…) bobbling along on the water. There was an eeriness at the beach, a quietness that whistled from the cold wind off the lake.

The playground was less of a playground and more of a vibrant modern art looking play structure.

We continued after Axle dipped his toes in the water and whined about not getting the “ducks”. We meandered around to the backside of the lake. The playground was a full playground, though it was more muted maroon, forest green and tans instead of vibrant color. Post processing helped to give the colors a brighter look.

We headed back towards home, with one last playground to visit before retiring from the cold. The colors were vibrant on the newer fixtures around the perimeter, though the main structure held more of the reds, greens and tans from the previous playground.

Next visit Rochelle from Dark Sapphire Pet Photography, Nelson, New Zealand to see how she captured bold color!


9 thoughts on “52 Week Project | Bold Color”

  1. Wow – I thought about a playground (but if you see my photos, you know I decided differently). My only question is….how did you get your dog to pose so well? Mine seem to be ready to run when I grab the camera and point it at them now.

    1. It is a challenge to get mine to look at me too haha! For these images with Axle, he was leashed to a part of the playground and I captured him with my 135mm lens. Working distance to frame “wide” images is farther (10 ft+) away than using wide angle lens (arms length) and I find the more I move away the more my dogs will look to see where I’m going. Throw in the “catch” words/phrases and I’m able to get them to look my direction.

  2. What a great idea in thinking of playgrounds for bold colors. You are so right, they almost always have some bold colors which make a great backdrop. Wish I’d thought of that. LOL!

  3. So many great, and colorful, shots! That is a wonderful spot for photos. I have used a playground locally as well, but ours is not that colorful.

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