52 Week Project | Blank Slate

The first week into January means a fresh start to the 52 Week Project. Blank slate was the theme and fitting for the start to a new year.

I wanted to capture a portrait of “naked” Bender on a plain wall as it would be a blank slate of a background. My indoor working space is very small where the dogs are (currently I’m living in my parents’ house and due to my parents having cats, they are kept in separate parts of the house – which means using the main part of the house or upstairs is out of the question). I was able to find a 44in x 36 in space by the back door that had a blank wall without a window, but was close enough to a window for dreamy natural light and Bender would fit into.

In a manner similar to Goldilocks, it took a little to find the just right lens. 85mm & 135mm needed too much working distance…

20mm was too wide!

35mm was still a little too wide but getting closer…

50mm was just right!

Next visit Penny Whistle Photography, fetching family portraits serving Coppell, Texas and surrounding cities in the Dallas – Fort Worth area to see her take on blank slate.


15 thoughts on “52 Week Project | Blank Slate”

  1. He’s adorable and I’m sure that he would win ALL the treats at my place. His eyes are just irresistable.

  2. Nice shots of Bender. It’s hard sharing with cats isn’t it Bender? When our cat first arrived it took 2.5 years for her to be in the same room as the dogs.

  3. I always love seeing pictures of Bender. I used my nifty fifty for my images of Paco this week. Perfect for working in a small indoor space. Of course, for me, it helps that my dog is a bit smaller than Bender.

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