The theme for the 52 Week Project was urban. As luck would have it, the Dogs of MSP group was having a meet up at Flat Earth Brewing Company. It sounded urban, plus who doesn’t love visiting a MN based brewery and mingling with dogs & their owners?

The brewery is located in the old Hamm’s Brewing building and the perfect fit for the urban theme. I snagged a couple of images of a collection of dogs outside for the 52 Week Project (52 Week Project | Urban) and also captured images while mingling. What an assortment of dogs! From corgis to bulldogs, Bernese Mountain Dogs, golden doodles, to Great Danes and a mix of mutts in all sizes in between. I became THE treat lady and often found myself swarmed and the focus of the dogs (huge perk to being a dog photographer!). It was a blast meeting all of the awesome dogs as well as meeting their equally as awesome owners!

Don’t forget to check out the images from outside: 52 Week Project | Urban