Hello! A quick intro - I am Cahlean (pronounced ca-lean), the photographer and creativeness behind About A Dog Photography. I'm a dog mom to a pair of dogs - Bender my little lugheaded pittie and Axle my derpy boxer mix.

Things you may already know about me:

I love love love dogs!

Photography is a GINORMOUS passion of mine

Blue is my favorite color! (ok that one you may not have known...)


Things you probably don't know about me:

There is a deep collection of Pyrex & Fry Glass overtaking the shelves in my house... there is also a growing collection of measuring cups and vintage mixing jars

 There are just as many corsets living at my house as there are 50s style dresses

 My right arm has a half sleeve tattoo featuring my late dogs Mick & Icey, my camera, and... a zombie (in a classy school portrait style)

 I have an affinity for old / vintage / archaic words - huzzah is a favorite

Coffee in the morning is a MUST! IPAs & dry hard ciders are preferred in the evening, unless of course we're talking Old Fashioneds...

 There are a trio of guitars that live at my house - one is a redheaded step child...

 I'm a Leo (huzzah for August birthdays!) and ENFP personality

Giving back through volunteering

• Grey Face Rescue 

Tri County Humane Society
Ruff Start Rescue
Secondhand Hounds

There has nearly always been a camera in my hand since I was young. I'd go through rolls of film, sometimes ending up with good shots, sometimes there were bad ones, others we don't speak of...

Fast forward through youth and a plethora of assorted cameras to 2006 when a silver bodied Canon went home with me and began to teach me how to hone in the skills and develop my style.  (Good gracious - 11 years already?! And yes I still have the Canon - yes it still works!) 

A Nikon moved into the house a few years later, followed by a 7 month old puppy (Axle - Mick & Icey were already occupying couches & beds by then).

Mid-summer 2012, on a balmy hot day with the gang resting in a patch of shade, the birth of About A Dog Photography happened. 

From then, 2012, Icey, Mick, Axle

To summer of 2017 - Axle 

HUZZAH! Here's to 5 years and more to come!

Thank you for being part of my story